Multiple Teams · 2-0 … Greywolves leading the pack


A 4-1 (1-0) Shoemaker team came to Leo Buckley stadium looking to make a statement. The Greywolves have had a good season, but many still doubted if they could win a big game, especially at home. A 5-0 (1-0) Ellison Eagles team seemed to be just what was needed to test the Greywolves and they didn’t disappoint.

The Greywolves came out strong, going up 20-0 at one point in the third quarter. They were boosted by a strong defensive effort, big plays of offense from Tyrik Barnes and Isaiah Everett, and a pair of FGs from K Jose Chavez.


The fourth quarter brought the real test. Ellison, not eager to give the game away, came back with the fourth quarter big plays they have been known for all season. They completed a couple of bombs on their sideline and before the Greywolves could catch on, the game was 20-14.

The Greywolves came up big when Ellison got the ball back with just over a minute left on the clock and the ball on Shoemaker’s 48. Ellison would get all the way inside of the Shoemaker 15 before heaving up a fade in the end zone on fourth down. The pass was incomplete and Shoemaker came away with the win.

The season is young and the Greywolves have a lot of growing to do, but with back to back district wins decided by a total of 7 points, the Greywolves look to build on their momentum.